luni, 20 decembrie 2010

Baby Seal / Gili & Elena

"- What's going on here?
- Performance artists from Romania. It's just begun"

Gili Mocanu & Elena Albu @ The Performance Art Institute - San Francisco, 4.11.2010


două cărţi sfinte, de pildă Bibila şi Coranul, odată ce sunt împreunate filă cu filă nu mai pot fi desfăcute de mâna omului

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Anonim spunea...

ce tare! place si alternarea filmărilor - in / out, din galerie / din stradă. meserieee!

Anonim spunea...

wow, hehe
anywhere is not everywhere, and that should know anyone:)

some bunch of voyeuristic strangers calls it an artistic performance and we should get it for granted, huh?!

Gili's just got a real experience of how's getting your bitch whipping your in-between ass(et) religion(s). ouch! that really hurts!
Gili come home!:)
that home asses keep warm enough to be ready for our something else:))